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Richy, S

"My situation was almost hopeless. Unemployed and behind on my mortgage, I decided to call Cumberland Property Group, LLC. This proved to be one of the best decisions I've ever made. They were professional, courteous and most of all, understanding. I feel they are close friends...and I have a very strong trust for them. I would recommend Cumberland Property Group, LLC to anyone."

Debra, S

"Cumberland Property Group, LLC saved me from having to worry about my home. I was due to leave in two weeks due to a job transfer to Washington, DC and have not had any luck in selling my home. I saw one of their "We Buy Houses" postcards and decided to call on a Tuesday. I explained that I was leaving in two weeks and wanted to know if they could help. By Tuesday of the following week, Cumberland Property Group, LLC had all the necessary paperwork completed and finalized. I truly want to thank them for giving me peace of mind."

Jim, T

"Thank you so much for getting us out of foreclosure. As you know, after my wife lost her job we just couldn't keep up with the mortgage and all of the other bills too. We are so thankful that you came to our rescue. Keeping the foreclosure off of our credit report actually made it possible for us to buy another home just last month."

Danny, K

"You were very professional and thorough. You took the time to explain the details we did not understand. We were saved from foreclosure."

Barney, F

"Cumberland Property Group, LLC saved my life. I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't been for Cumberland Property Group, LLC. I was about to lose my home and not only did they sell my home fast but I received part of the profit."